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Guild member Claire Barker has written an excellent and very informative blog post on the subject of wedding music. The introductory paragraph is shown below with a link to the full article. If you are in the planning stages of your wedding and trying to decide on music for the big day, be sure to read Claire’s article as it is full of helpful advice and ideas.

The role music can play in your big day

by Claire Barker

Are you thinking about wedding music as part of your celebration? Planning a wedding is a massive undertaking even if you are thinking of going low key and not spending a years salary on your big day! There are countless things to consider: Dress; bridesmaids; rings; flowers; suits; make-up; theme; family harmony! A huge part of your wedding day can be music: Do you have a DJ; wedding band; ceilidh band; string quartet; folk band? And what about the ceremony? It’s a minefield! Here are a few things to think about when planning your wedding music…..

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The Claire Barker and Paul Hill Duo

Along with the Claire Barker Band, Claire also plays in an acoustic duo. The Claire Barker and Paul Hill Duo recently recorded a few demo videos on a rare night off. The duo plays a vast range of styles from pop and classic rock to jazz. The following videos are examples from the more modern repertoire.

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