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Don’t just make your wedding white – make it platinum!

At Dipples, we’ve seen a continual increase in the popularity of platinum as more and more of our customers choosing platinum as their preferred metal. The extra qualities of purity, durability, density and rarity often make it the choice for many customers.

This preference for platinum is not just with the ladies either. Men are no longer satisfied with a plain gold band but want a ring to reflect their image and make a statement. Diamonds have quickly become ‘trendy’ for men, with style icons like David Beckham leading the field in stylish diamond set jewellery. It certainly seems that diamonds are fast becoming a man’s best friend too!

At Dipples we pride ourselves on offering a service to our customers that’s second to none. Having been established for over 110 years, our knowledgeable staff will help you make the perfect choice for your Wedding Ring.

We appreciate that all of our customers are unique and no two requests are ever the same. Offering a bespoke service enables us to create a ring specifically to your requirements, guiding you through the whole process from initial consultation to the collection of your hand made rings. Our extensive range of wedding rings provides you with the chance to try on different designs and find a ring to suit your fashion choice and lifestyle.

We are proud that we have been selected to carry some of the finest brands available in the jewellery trade, amongst the diamond ranges we carry are Hearts on fire – the worlds most perfectly cut diamond – collection, imported solely to us in Norfolk, other ranges include Opus, Cherish – a new square cut diamond also exclusive to us in Norfolk – and the Ring of Life, the ideal gift for any mother after the birth of her child.

One of our specialities over the years has been to carry a large and varied selection of coloured stones: from Ruby , different coloured Sapphires, Emerald and Pearls to the more unusual such as Tzarovrite , Tanzanite, Andalusite and Spinel.

Contact information:

2 – 6 Swan Lane, Norwich, Norfolk. NR2 1JA

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